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Tennis legend and humanitarian Arthur Ashe (left) along with Capital Region Youth Tennis Foundation  former Board President Herb Shultz at Central Park in Schenectady, New York, speaking during a 15-LOVE event (June, 1990). Listen to Arthur Ashe’s 1990 speech during a 15-LOVE event in Albany, New York


The 15-LOVE Program has successfully completed 30 years of programming in the Capital Region. What was merely a dream (of reaching out in positive ways to inner-city youth) in June 1990, has indeed become a reality.

The late Arthur Ashe was instrumental in helping found the 15-LOVE Program. He himself got his start on public courts. His philosophy and ours is to “use tennis to teach the game of life.”

15-LOVE operates independently in NY’s Capital Region, and is a member of the USTA Foundation’s National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) network. 15-LOVE is focused upon the whole child, striving to make an impact that lasts a lifetime. It is a program of prevention.

We operate throughout the Capital Region, with special emphasis on the inner cities of Albany, Troy, Schenectady and Rensselaer. The program runs year-round, impacting more than 50,000 youth and their families throughout our history.


To reach out in a loving, caring way to youth of the Capital Region, using tennis as the medium, especially those in the inner cities


Within the overall mission, the following seven themes are emphasized:

    • Stress education
    • Promote good health (both emotional and physical)
    • Instill positive values
    • Foster multi-cultural relationships
    • Encourage good sportsmanship
    • Support families
    • Give back in the community



​15-LOVE is built on a culture of diversity, inclusion and equity in all aspects of our organization. Whatever a person’s background, life experiences or current circumstances, they should feel valued and respected. We believe that it is the very diversity among us that helps to create a vibrant, inclusive and unique culture at 15-LOVE that is not only welcoming and attractive, but is the catalyst for our staff and board to collaborate with a sense of social responsibility and move the organization forward; and for giving the youth we work with the skills and environment to learn and grow into productive citizens who work hard, achieve their own goals and make a difference in our communities.

“15-LOVE stands WITH the causes of anti-racism and anti-discrimination of all kinds, and FOR social justice and economic justice in our communities.”

Celebrating 25 Years!

Enjoy 15-LOVE’s  promotional video, created by Ken Deyoe in honor of our 25th Anniversary. Here’s to 25 more years! 


Our programming is structured around our 5 core pillars:
Tennis, Literacy, Healthy Living, College Prep and STEM.
Learn more about each one and find ways to get involved!



Healthy Living

College Prep

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