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Excellence Program

Excellence Program

The 15-LOVE Excellence Program exists to encourage each individual to strive for personal excellence on and off the tennis court. The program offers advanced lessons for committed participants in preparation for competitive tennis at the high school and collegiate level. The Excellence Program promotes leadership, teamwork, diversity, community service, personal ambition, and healthy living on and off the tennis court. 15-LOVE provides participants with opportunities to play competitive tennis in leagues and tournaments both locally and regionally.

Excellence Program participants are recommended to the Excellence Program by their coaches through participation in 15-LOVE’s various open summer and winter programs.Once recommended, a potential Excellence Program participant must go through and application process, then trial period to determine whether or not the participant is eligible, interested and able to make the commitment for the Excellence Program.

Once in the Excellence Program, participants are required to fulfill various obligations in order to remain in the program, including participation and community service.
Participants are rarely invited before the age of 8 (typically only when an older sibling is involved), and often remain in the program through high school graduation.

Many Excellence Program participants move on to become instructors for 15-LOVE and all finish through our College Prep and Leadership Programs. Our Excellence Program has a family atmosphere, made up by a diverse group of students who work hard and support one another.